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Current Events and What Other Small Businesses Can Do

Current Events and What Other Small Businesses Can Do

June 05, 2020

“I can’t breathe...” Those were some of George Floyd’s last words, and words that were soon heard all across the world.  Over the last week the KMH Financial Services team has been discussing the harm of hatred and racism in our country, especially considering recent events. For many, this act of racial injustice has been the tipping point for the amount of killings of unarmed black victims. At KMH Financial Services it is a point of pride that we have clients of all races and backgrounds and work hard to make sure that we have an environment that is accepting and comfortable for everyone.

While some of us here have never been the victims of racism, we want you to know that we are watching, listening, and learning. If there is anything we can do to be supportive for you and your family, even if it’s just a safe place to talk, please let us know. The door is open. The phone is ready. We care.


In our discussions, we came up with some things that we thought might be helpful for small business owners who would like to take action but don’t know where to start:


  • Have a discussion with your team first. Is everyone OK? Chances are, probably not.
  • Discuss current events with friends and family members. George Floyd’s death reminds us that people of color are still being treated differently in society.
  • Take some time for personal reflection. Before making a decision for your business, take a moment to personally process this injustice and ask yourself how you’d like to proceed.
  • Reach out to elected officials and personally voice your thoughts and concerns on the matter.
  • Go out and vote! Vote for the leadership you genuinely support. Vote for justice.
  • Make a statement to the public and/or your clients on how your business is handling this injustice. Simply acknowledging this moment in time shows people that you’re not oblivious to the magnitude of the situation.
  • Let’s not criticize each other. We need to use this time to educate and support one another rather than tear each other apart.


Everyone copes with grief, anger, and injustice in their own way. Find a platform that works best for you and make a difference in a way you feel safe and comfortable. This could mean physically protesting in your local city, sharing resources through social media, or simply starting a conversation with friends and family on making a change. Your voice matters, regardless of how you choose to be heard. If you or a loved one is participating in the protests, stay safe and be mindful that destroying and looting businesses is not the solution. Violence and destruction will only negate the message of life, equality, and justice that this country desperately needs.