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Resolutions and the Crowded Gym Theory

Resolutions and the Crowded Gym Theory

January 19, 2019

It is only the middle of January but I am noticing that the crowd at the gym is getting smaller as New Year's Resolutions begin to fade and the comfort of old routines return. This is the same story every year. I go to the gym, meet with clients, and talk to friends who all have similar resolutions: eat better, work out more, be a better parent or child or boss. But does this extend to your financial goals?

I talk to all my clients about setting reasonable goals that you can follow. A budget doesn't need to be as daunting as a 200lb squat or fitting into those pre-pregnancy jeans. Financial goals can be very simple. For example, do you know how much money you spend on coffee every month? Try tracking it all out and you may be surprised that Starbucks gets more of your money than the gym. These goals can be as simple as do you know where all your money is going? 

First thing's first. Just like you hold yourself accountable for your personal goals, write down your financial goals. Make a quick simple list. It may be something like: Pay off all student loans, start an education fund for my child, pay off credit card debt. Once you have gotten that list in order, think about how you want to accomplish those goals. Just like, if you want to eat healthier, you need a meal plan to fit your new diet. Come up with a spending plan. Then you need to execute. 

Sometimes, you just aren't sure how to reach those goals. That's where we can help. We are the financial personal trainers. Give us a call if you are having trouble staying on track or just aren't sure what's next. Already talked to us this year? We are here for you! Let's talk again!

Don't give up on your goals this year ....We will see you at the gym!