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The Impact of Saving and Investing for Women

March 19, 2024

As we celebrate Women's History Month, it's crucial to acknowledge the strides women have made in financial independence and investment. Recent statistics highlight the significant role women play in saving and investing.

According to a study by Fidelity Investments, women consistently save a higher percentage of their income than men, with an average of 9% compared to 8.6%. Furthermore, research from Vanguard reveals that women are more likely to stay the course during market downturns, emphasizing their commitment to long-term financial goals. This is a huge advantage to be able to stay the course.

These statistics underscore the importance of empowering women to take control of their finances. Through education and access to resources, women can build confidence in investing and break down traditional gender barriers in the financial world.

During Women's History Month, we should celebrate the achievements of trailblazing women who have paved the way for financial equality. As we honor the past, let's also look toward the future, where women continue to thrive as savvy investors and key drivers of economic progress. 


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